Birchbox for comics

#5 Product of the DayMarch 08, 2014
Hey, @vondoom! I'm not a comic book guy but this model is appealing and encourages the newbie the explore comics. It could also make a good gift. Is this just a side project? What are your plans with it?
@heydjeff thanks! Attracting users based on our pricing has been a problem, but our subscribers understand that they are paying a premium for quality curated graphic novels. Around 50% of our subscribers are novices at this time. Because many of the books we choose are in high demand and in limited quantities, we aren't in a position to bargain for special rates. We're committed to providing only the best comics, and we don't want to send our customers books just because we can get them for cheaper. I personally think most subcom startups send you a lot of junk, so I think of it as a question of pricing vs quality. We sell the books at retail price, but our subscribers understand it's worth it to receive something that is worth reading. We're trying to distinguish ourselves from other discount services but some comparison is inevitable.
So how do I sign up....? I don't see a buy button anywhere.
Hi there! I'm Vincent, one of the co-founders of Pullist. We know that a lot of people find getting into comic books to be an intimidating process, much like any hobby. We're here to relieve that. At the end of every month we send our subscribers a graphic novel. Each book has been handpicked by a professional in the comic book industry, so you know you're only getting the best. Let us know what you think!
Hey, @rrhoover! Right now this is just a side project. We're a small team of 4, who work on Pullist in our spare time. All the packing and shipping is currently done out of my apartment. We dedicate our free time to work on Pullist because we want to expose others to the medium and understand that it's more then superheroes in tights. In the next few months, we're planning on improving the packaging of our service and attracting more curators from the comic book industry. We've been running the service since October and have yet to meet an unhappy subscriber!