Your personal Bots for keeping an eye on the web

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Dan P. Gailey
Dan P. GaileyMaker@dpg · Serial Doer
Founder here. We've built a platform for providing personal monitoring, evented, filter bots for anything online. Tons of cool stuff you can monitor like competitors, prices, flights, and whatever else can be rendered in or around a browser. ;)
Chris Messina
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
@dpg live examples? In what way is this a bot platform?
Dan P. Gailey
Dan P. GaileyMaker@dpg · Serial Doer
@chrismessina The video has a tutorial in it. Otherwise you'll have to create an example yourself to test it out. We wanted to keep people's data private, but we're kicking around the idea of opening up collections. This is a bot platform in that you can use our interface to quickly launch bots to do a thing.