A carpooling app designed to help students get more involved

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I decided to make this product because I always had a hard time getting out to events in high school because of a lack of transportation and the awkwardness asking for rides from the older guys in school. With this app, I hope to make that bridge easier to cross and enhance the lives of other high schoolers like me. I also open-sourced this app that I build with React Native and Exponent to give back to the developer community and serve as a nice example project for current and upcoming React Native developers to learn from. Thanks for checking out PÜL!
@datwheat Nice :). But why only students?
@joekuriank @datwheat I'd imagine it has to do with the awkwardness and trepidation of asking strange adults? I still wouldn't get into a strangers car, but I would be more likely, and be more comfortable, getting into and asking a fellow student. Even now that I am in college, where you're less likely to know your community. The concept is great for fixing his immediate problem, since its target base all need the same thing, but expand to older users and you'll just be making the next Uber, though more likely Lyft.
Nice job on developing for both iOS and Android! I like the addition of games. Could I get your info so that I could possible ask you a few more questions?
I really like your project, i will making a app for community in my university. Thank you so much for shared your source code.