Get rewarded for showing love to your favourite brands

Pukket is a way to get loyalty rewards from your fave brands.

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I am now appreciated for my engagement with brands and sharing my experiences on social media


Rewards my Instagram posts


There can be more brands

What is the average amount of money you can make by doing this every day?
@jacqvon sorry for the delay. It totally depends on the authenticity of the posts you share with friends and family. The more authentic, the more engagements your post will attract. It also depends how frequently you share your experiences with friends and family on Instagram. Each post can attract between 5-50 pukkets which can translate into vouchers values from £1 to £10.
Great job!! 😊 Does it support brands of Indian markets?
@ayush_chandra The app at the moment only operates in the UK market and partnering up with the UK brands. Soon to expand though