The worlds smallest wireless phone-charging earphones

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Johnny Warström
Johnny Warström@warstrom · CEO & co-founder, @mentimeter
I backed them, love the product!!
Jason Dainter
Jason DainterHunter@jasondainter · International doer of things
This Swedish startups is (I believe) going to change the game for wireless headphone lovers. Pugz is the worlds smallest wireless headphones that you can charge through your phone. I love this product for a few of reasons. 1) I hate wires on my headphones which constantly get tangled up in my pocket. I've tried all sorts of solutions with big bulky phone cases or wire wrapping tools to solve that problem but none have worked today, this solves that problem by getting rid of most of the wire, in a pretty smart way that doesn't compromise on other things. 2) Most wireless headphones need charging externally, PUGZ plugs into your headphone socket instead to charge and only uses up 3% of your smartphones battery, other wireless solutions have put me off so far due to the fact it's yet another thing to remember to charge overnight. A full charge takes 40 minutes (4.5 hours of music). What's also nice is when you to need to charge your PUGZ, their self-guiding magnetic connector that makes attaching/re-attaching to your phone a dream instead of a fiddly mess. 3) It includes a built in mic for talking on the phone They reached their Kickstarter funding goal of 50,000 USD in just 9 hours.. and there are still 96 super early bird pledges still left as of now. It would be great to hear from @VahidToosi about the journey they went through with this product.