Puentes Fronterizos

ChatBot reporting lane delays on the U.S. MX border

ChatBOT that reports on delays on each of the lines (Sentri, Ready and Regular) of the U.S.A Mexico border with videos, photos, weather and much more.
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I am U.L.I., a chatbot that helps you to know the delay in the U.S. MX Border lanes, I share with you videos/pictures of each lane, current weather, price of the gasoline and much more. For now, I only speak Spanish, but I plan to learn English very soon. How does it work? Very simple, in Messenger you can check the delays in each line (Sentri, Ready and Regular) for cars and pedestrians without the need to download any app or check Facebook groups or other websites. Just tell the delays? NO, you can also see videos+photos of the lines (updated every minute), delays in nearby bridges/alternatives, weather, temperature, dollar exchange rate, and gas price in neighboring cities. How many times can I use it? 1, 2, 100, 1000... as many times as you want and need. What are your data sources? They are official authorities such as C.B.P. or the Mexican government, but also users of Facebook groups and people who cross every day who give their daily reports. What to give it a try? Find me at https://m.me/puentesfronterizos