Pudi - a Jambav Game

Watch, Match, and Catch! - Simple, eh?!

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Good morning, Good afternoon, Good night, hunters around the world! For, it simply doesn't matter what time of day it is, it is always a good time to play a quick reflexes game. Be it the late-afternoon sleepiness or the early morning ennui, a well-crafted mobile game is all you need to jump back fully alert! And, that is exactly what Pudi is designed to be! The first game from Jambav, a team of indie-game-developers, Pudi is all about catching balls that fall. You watch the colors that are falling. You match them with the wheel at the bottom. And you catch them! Simple, eh?! Play, and you'll know! And, if you like it, hunt us so others can escape the soul-eating mid-day monster too!
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