Borrow money easily and cheaply from your community.

h/t @hunterwalk. Interesting idea. Curious to hear how they prevent abuse, background check borrowers, etc.
I essentially use Venmo for this same purpose but just don't tell my friends about it.
The FAQ describes Puddle in more detail. Browsing through the available "puddles" (ie, groups of people pledging and borrowing money), there's a mix of categories, mostly centered around existing communities. I can't think of a use case for myself personally but I like the direction.
This really reminds me of an app we tried to make at makeshift called savemates. It didn't work for various reasons. Here's my long write up about why: http://writing.makeshift.io/piec...
I like this idea a lot but it actually took a bit of browsing around the actual app to "get" it. I also, feel like the puddles need more personality. All they have is a title and faces. Who are these people? Why would I want to join? What makes them like minded? Also, I think showing me one puddle at a time would have been better, after scrolling through 10 of them, I kinda stopped reading the names. I do like the idea of pooling money and say helping other designers or developers or people in school with a place to go for a little extra money but it looks like they really need to flesh out the relationships between groups and Im sure there is whole mess of fun with abuse, defaults etc.