Pubo for Slack

Smarter, actionable Slack notifications.

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Create Trello cards, accept cal invites, close GitHub issues, & more in Slack. Genius. I'm always looking for tools to simplify workflows and that's one of the reasons why Slack as a platform has taken off. Here are a bunch of other Slack integrations and tools, curated by @isaacrlien.
@vinodhdavid Very nice integration! If I Understand correctly, the Slack actions work with a Chrome extension. How will you make them work inside the Native (non-web) apps?
@mmariansky Yeah we will be releasing a Slack Integration (official integration with hooks) for it.
@vinodhdavid this is great! This will easily be the most sophisticated app on Slack's official list. Do you have an estimate on when they'll be adding you? Really curious to see how it will look
This is great, but I also wonder how this'll get integrated into Slack's native clients. Seems like something that Slack platform should evolve to support natively IMO.
This looks awesome! When I try to "Sign in with Slack", it just takes me to "This web page is not available", do you know what I might be doing wrong? I'm on Chrome. Thank you!
holy shit, love the github integration