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Hey everyone! It’s really great to finally launch on Product Hunt. First off, thank you so much to Ben for hunting us. We appreciate it more than you know. After over a year of hard work, we’re finally ready to show you what we have created. PubLoft is a way to reduce friction between freelancers and clients, who often need each other, but even more often have a hard time working with each other. In simple terms, we’re something in between an agency and a marketplace. In not-so-simple terms, we’re a “service as a software.” We serve both customers and writers. On the customer side, you might be tired of never knowing how much an agency charges, and always needing to inquire. Maybe the service providers you’ve worked with haven’t been transparent. Or just maybe, we have a hard time getting your vision across to the service provider on the other side. We get it, and we developed PubLoft to be the antithesis of these problems. Learn more about what it’s like to be a customer here: On the freelancer side, there are too many websites that pay writers scraps and treat them like disposable assets. This is the first thing we wanted to address with PubLoft. We are powered by freelancers, so our primary goal is to make sure they are treated well, paid well, and paid often. Additionally, we know writers have more of a job than just writing… they need to find, sell, and manage clients. They also need to manage their cash flow, which is unpredictable, due to clients often paying their invoices late. This will never happen with us. PubLoft will find, sell, and manage all the clients, so all our writers need to do is write well. Learn more about writing for us here : Lastly, I’ve found some of my favorite products through this community, so we wanted to offer all of you a discount to our trial. Email me at saying you found us Product Hunt and I’ll shoot you a special link with a $100 discount. :)
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@publoft @mat_sherman If you are planning to do outbound sales, few strategies : a) Target startups who have recently raised money. Since they have raised money, they will be spending aggressively on content marketing to acquire more users and reaching out to them at this moment will give you better conversion. b) Target startups who are hiring for content writer. Since they are already hiring for content writer, it means it is their area of focus right now that is why hiring for this position. Again 10X better conversion.
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@publoft @shreyaa_ratra Amazing idea right there. We have been targeting startups on Crunchbase but have not targeted ones hiring a content writer. Genius! Thanks for the tips! :)
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@mat_sherman is the most active person I have ever meet in the Phoenix startup community. I have seen the progress of Publoft from since its nascent days. 📈 Super happy to see how fast Publoft is growing in the last few months after facing many hurdles. Hat off 🙌🙌 Publoft is on the way to disrupt the traditional way of working with the newer concept where startups and writers both get benefits of this new marketplace. 🤝 Congratulations to Publoft team. 🎉✌
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@keyul You know I love you my man. The rising tide lifts all boats. Let's get it!!!!!!
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I've been on the writer side of PubLoft since the early days


Posts that are offered to me often fit my niche interests and encourage me to write when I may not do so on my own


Not always a consistent flow of post opportunities

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We love your posts, Jonathan! Hopefully this launch will that that consistent flow coming to you :) Thanks for the review! :)

With Publoft, writer can focus on just writing great post. All other things all are handled by Publoft so writer doesn't need to manage any additional thing.


Great way for writers to get more gigs without all other hustle.



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Such a great company with a great team. Perfect if you’re not a fan of writing your own blog posts.
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