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    This is one of the only newsletters I read in full every week. It offers good news and constructive insights about the future of publishing. It's a great source of optimism in an often depressing industry.

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    Nice newsletter with a ton of useful information related to professional publishing


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    I signed up for it about a month ago and have been a happy user ever since

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John O'Nolan
John O'NolanMaker@johnonolan · Founder, Ghost
What’s up gang, John from Ghost here 👋👻 — Super excited to share Publisher Weekly with all of you, which we started working on almost a year ago and have since expanded and built out over time. 🤔 What’s all this then? Publisher Weekly is an ongoing examination of what the future of publishing might hold, who the key players are, and what's coming next for all of us. A weekly newsletter sent every Sunday, along with an archive of curated resources surrounding all the most important gear, software, tools and news in this space. ⚡️ Why make this now? Publishing is at a fairly critical point in its history. Advertising money has dried up, while clickbait is no longer a viable strategy. Audiences are overwhelmed and inundated with distractions. Public trust in media is at an all time low, and the business of journalism is all but dying. We have a vested interest in the future of the publishing industry, so we generally try to stay in tune with what’s happening the intersection of publishing, technology, and business models. Initially we just tried to find a good overview of ‘what’s happening in publishing’ that we could subscribe to ourselves, but we quickly discovered that it didn’t exist — so we decided to make one. ❤️ Who is this for? If you’re a journalist, writer, marketer, creator, or someone who depends on publishing content for a living — Publisher Weekly is for you! Our main focus is on what business models are beginning to replace advertising, and how sustainable new businesses will be created to support great work. Thanks, as always, for all your support :) ✌️ We’ll be hanging around here all day if anyone has any questions!
Rob Hope
Rob Hope@robhope · Maker. Surfer. Optimist.
Excellent to see this finally get announced! There has never been a greater need for high-level curation in this space. Also respect for only announcing a year in, after refining which publishers are delivering the goods. Curation. Curation. Curation. 👏
John O'Nolan
John O'NolanMaker@johnonolan · Founder, Ghost
@robhope Thanks Rob 🥰 really appreciate the support as always!
Marc Perel
Marc Perel@marcperel · Coded LayersWP. Co-founded Obox.
Team, this is really exciting, especially since it's hard to stay on top of the actual relevant news and filter out all the noise around the topic! I'm mostly intrigued to read about the business opportunities and what that means for makers on platforms like this one! Good luck 🏆
John O'Nolan
John O'NolanMaker@johnonolan · Founder, Ghost
@marcperel <3 appreciate the support! The evolving business models is definitely what we're most interested too, and there are a lot of interesting developments taking place this year :)
Martijn de Kuijper
Martijn de Kuijper@mdekuijper · Founder at Revue
Obviously I get a ton of newsletters, but I specifically 💌 this one. The website is a great additional resource. Keep it up @johnonolan and team!
John O'Nolan
John O'NolanMaker@johnonolan · Founder, Ghost
@mdekuijper Had a feeling you might enjoy this one 😄thanks so much for powering the newsletter. We love Revue ♥️
Dan Edwards
Dan Edwards@de · Design at Product Hunt
Love this! Congrats on the launch 🎉
John O'Nolan
John O'NolanMaker@johnonolan · Founder, Ghost
@de Thanks Dan! And thanks for the inspiration with Design Roundup ✊