Self-publishing platform for business-driven indie authors.

PublishDrive is the go-to partner for indie authors and publishers who want to distribute books globally & market strategically. Our platform offers ebook conversion, marketing tools, sales analytics, metadata management & royalty splitting for co-authors
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with PublishDrive we are engaged to revolutionize the traditional publishing industry. We want to let all content reach its global audience with the simplest and fastest solution with the widest reach in the industry, so authors and publishers can focus only on the most important job: creating beautiful content. Our product is in open beta and we are looking for seed fund and/or any publishing expert to scale our product. We always welcome any feedback on our website to make ebook publishing a happier experience for everyone.
This caught my interest the other day because I'm just in the final stages of completing the ebook @erictwillis and I have been working on! Looks really interesting :) @imcatnoone you may like this!
@bentossell looking forward to your ebook in PublishDrive :)
Very interesting... online marketers would eat this up. Not sure if the standard author would however. We shall see. It is a very intriguing concept!
@bryansarnold thanks, definitely interesting for them! now you can sign up and spread the word about PublishDrive among your friends and you may earn money for the next 6 months! check it out:
@kingajentetics Nice! Appreciate the link... I'll definitely look into it.
Any plans to having a POD solution as well?