Publish Current Page to Medium

Use a Dexter and Instaparser to publish a webpage to Medium

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This is a cool bookmarklet that allows you to publish the current page you're viewing to Medium
@bentossell what's the use case?
@chrismessina I guess most common will be bloggers who post on X platform that want to cross-post to Medium
@bentossell so this just makes it easier to punch a URL into Medium's import tool?
@chrismessina hey Chris, I actually didn't even realize Medium had a URL import tool. I was integrating the Instaparser API into Dexter and looking for interesting applications of it within the platform, and the Medium API was one of the endpoints that took HTML. Essentially the use case is the same.
I don't know if you folks have tried the official Medium bookmarklet, but it simply creates a link back to a webpage. The URL import tool reposts a page as an imported post. This tool makes an HTML copy of the webpage, which would be a possible starting point for quoting a large chunk of text somewhere, forming a *new* post. A very different use case. I'll be using it, and I never use the official bookmarklet. @bthdonohue @chrismessina
I guess I am a little confused by why people would use this? Is a bookmark really the content someone wants to share on Medium? Or (more importantly) does anyone want to read a bookmark without commentary?
@eighttwo_three hey Chris, it's mostly a tool for publishing an existing blog post to Medium. It uses a "bookmarklet" in order to start the process, but a bookmarklet is a bit different than a bookmark. I think that may be the source of some confusion here.
This is an awesome product!