Publicly is a simple way to track all the great things being built in public by all the brave makers willing to share their progress.

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Very happy to ship another project for the global hackathon. Daniel and I have both been building in the open for a while, we shared a lot about how we built and launched Quuu (, and my other hackthon project Deaton ( is being made totally in public. We post our updates on many different platforms (Twitter, Medium, YouTube, etc), so it can be hard to keep up with everything we are sharing. We built Publicly to make it easy to keep up with people building in public. We have over 20 projects listed, and hoping to get many more. Happy to answer any questions!
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@mubashariqbal Just added my project Cezan! :) Thanks for making this!
@mubashariqbal Feels great to be back on Product Hunt! All kudos goes to Mubs, I just helped with some design stuff. Love seeing what startups are doing and Publicly does just that in one aggregated feed πŸ‘Œ Thanks Mubs ❀️
@danielkempe I can honestly say Publicly wouldn't exist if it wasn't for you πŸ˜€, so thank you!
Just a quick update, a couple of people were concerned about the amount of Twitter access we were requesting, so we switch to readonly access for now.
The thing I love the most about the startup and tech community is how everyone shares so much valuable info. Think about how radically different this industry is to any other. With startups and tech we take it for granted that there are an abundance of high quality resources for every question under the sun, all a search away. That's not the case in every industry. Following that, we want to give back and share what we can too. For the past 7 months I've been daily twogging ( about what I get done each day, to act as a play-by-play update on us starting our startup, UserCompass. Great to see another platform that helps amplify those who are building in public and happy to be a part of it! No surprise to see @mubashariqbal & @danielkempe behind this either!
@mubashariqbal @fredrivett Thanks Fred :-) Great watching you build UserCompass from conception!
@danielkempe @fredrivett Thanks Fred. Been great following your tweets, even though I missed a few now and then. Turned out that happened to be just another reason to build something like Publicly! πŸ˜€πŸ‘

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Quick updates. Instead of wasting time on FB, I can spend it here. Reading other ppl's updates, I'm reminded I should go back working. :)


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Thanks for the review!
Signed up today. Loving it so far, especially the "day number" notation on each update. Thank you for building this @mubashariqbal and @danielkempe.
@danielkempe @maheshj567 Thanks! The date features was great idea from Daniel, really put is front and center how long people having been working on ideas, and the progress they are making!
Liking this idea a lot! Assuming makers are honest about struggles and successes when posting updates, it could really demystify the work that goes into creating a product/company. Could help those who are considering starting a project to make the leap. Couple of questions/thoughts: - How do you determine what updates get shown on the main page? Featured in the sidebar? Shown first on the Projects page? You get my drift :) - It would be cool to do a tag system where people could discover projects they may be interested in. So they could search projects that deal with social good, for example. - Let's say the site grows and tons of projects + updates are posted - how do you keep it from turning into just another platform where everything gets lost in the mix?
@nneuman Thanks Nick. Great questions, for most of them I'm going to say we don't know, and it will be a great problem to have and to work on solving! For now we're trying to showcase the latest updates, if we start getting so many updates that this becomes an issue we can and will redesign both the homepage page and projects page to highlight projects with great content. We'll also spend more time on building a more personalized experience around the projects you're following to make sure you get the updates for those projects you're most interested in.
@mubashariqbal I wish you made this BEFORE the hackathon started and everyone had joined! I've been wondering throughout it how everyone else is doing on their projects/what the other projects even entail.
@nneuman Yes, that would have been awesome. Were is my time machine!