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Hello all! We are delighted to announce the launch of Publicize Zero, a free platform that shows anyone how to get media coverage. We believe every company should benefit from PR and not just the small minority of companies that have the budget to afford traditional PR firms. That's why we decided to create Publicize Zero, a free platform that simplifies PR and provides resources that any entrepreneur can use to get their business the attention it deserves. How does Publicize Zero compare to our old dashboard? The previous version was built by one developer and consisted mainly of checklists with limited usability. Since then, Publicize has overhauled its investment into tech and assembled a talented product team who, over the past 6 months, have built a platform from the ground up. With Publicize Zero we're rolling out a suite of new benefits: - Do-it-yourself interactive PR campaigns - A Campaign Management Center that fully digitalizes Publicize's PR process, providing 100% transparency and control over editorial content and journalist outreach - An extensive list of tech reporter contacts that can be added directly into a DIY campaign - A press kit with a public hyperlink that can be sent to journalists - Free 9-5pm EST chat support from a PR professional - Exclusive PR educational content (articles, videos, and webinars featuring top journalists) - and many other features For any hunters who decide to become Publicize clients, we'll waive the initial $100 onboarding fee. Thanks everyone for checking out the platform and we appreciate all your feedback!
@xander_kahle Excellent! I'm going to take it for a test drive as I've started looking into PR strategy options for my startup. Wish you guys the best!! Curiosity Q: how do you plan on monetizing? What's the Business Model?
@xander_kahle and what does this statement really mean "For any hunters who decide to become Publicize clients, we'll waive the initial $100 onboarding fee. Thanks everyone for checking out the platform and we appreciate all your feedback!"
@techtosterone Hey Gaurav! Thanks for checking us out and I'd love to get your feedback once you've played around in the platform. About the business model, we always plan on keeping a free version of Publicize Zero available, and we have big plans to improve it in the near future. But for those who want to go beyond the free DIY platform, we also offer a stellar PR solution for startups (starting at $399 per month), an Enterprise PR solution ($999 per month), and other solutions which can be viewed at http://www.publicize.co/overview/ Let me know if you have any more questions :)
@iamjamkoo My pleasure James. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need more info.
Looks intriguing. If we sign up for the PR Service level, what would be some results that could be expected? Also, are we writing the press briefings are are your account managers helping on that front? Thank you. There is definitely a big divide between diy PR and a monthly retainer to an agency.
@elspectre Very good question, Neil, and thank you for bringing it up. With Publicize Zero's DIY solution, we give you all the tools necessary to make a successful campaign on your own. However, like with any company, the product or service needs to have a unique, newsworthy angle to get the best results. Without that, you won't have much luck. What we've done, is break down the PR process, so that it is comprehensible and scalable to any size of business. For our PR Service, we draft all press releases in-house and we finalize them with our clients' approvals. We also conduct all outreach to the media, and all of the journalists and publications we contact are first approved by our clients. We make sure that all your PR needs are met every step of the way. Hope that helps! :)
@elspectre Hey Neil ... one other thing to tag onto my last comment. In case you were wondering about the kind of ROI a company can expect from a well-placed media result, here is some good information: http://www.publicize.co/communit...
If it is what you're saying it is - this could be a big disruptor - should @percolate be sweatin'? @publicizepr @nikkielizdemere @conradegusa @fishedinson @naijulu @johnrestrepo @xander_kahle @macmol_
Hey @elizabeth! We look at this industry as our lives work, with the ultimate aim being the advancement of the PR industry. We plan to continually push the mold of what is possible in PR by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to address real needs for both free users and our clients. We see this as the start of a long journey, but we're excited about the road ahead. At it's core, Publicize Zero reflects these ambitions and we have no plans of slowing down. :)
You guys are making the lives of so many founders so much easier with this tool. Great idea and great execution!
@bobreisenweber Wow thanks for the kind words Bob! Your feedback is much appreciated :)
This can be huge. I can't wait to try it!
@leonfhl Thanks León! Excited to have you check out the platform :)
@leonfhl can't wait for you to check it out!