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For the last 1.5 years our team has worked really hard to release a new version of Publicize. For Product Hunt users who choose to work with Publicize, we'll provide a $100 discount & 2 free weeks to any company we believe has a 50%+ chance of being featured on the largest publications (we provide free evaluations ahead of time). Thanks again to everyone for the feedback and support!
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For some startup teams, even harder than building a product, is trying to get the word out to build an audience and a user base. Because startups don't have much time, it's tough to engage with a traditional agency. The fact that Publicize has been able to productize this, is really a godsend for startups and small and medium size companies. Great product!
@tropicalgringo Many thanks Alan!
@tropicalgringo Thank you Alan!
My friend Jonathan used Publicize and got on BusinessInsider. It's good to see new companies helping startups (at least for PR where it's normally so expensive)
@bithavoc Thank you Johan!
@bithavoc Many thanks man!
A video on your website would work wonders for fully grasping what your company does and the value add to customers (us startup founders)
@conradegusa Congrats brother! Publicize got us on CIO.com, great service for startups.
@chrisbuttenham many thanks Chris for the kind words!! It really means a lot to the team & I.
@chrisbuttenham Thank you Chris!!!