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When a startup has news that it wants to promote, Publicize draws on a team of crowdsourced journalists and marketers to put together a press release, which it then offers as exclusive news to a single publication. If the news gets picked up, the firm then does a more widespread email blast in the hopes of attracting follow-up coverage.
@kwdinc This is a more helpful service for startups than your other hunt today. Will be interesting to see how things shake out.
@BlendahTom Many thanks Tom! Best wishes, -Conrad
Sounds useful, especially for startups that aren't well-connected or part of accelerators that have these relationships already (YC, Techstars). Hope they're legit and able to deliver because it would be a really useful service.
Thanks so much to Kevin & the Product Hunt team for posting. My name is Conrad Egusa, I am the founder of Publicize and I used to write for the tech publication VentureBeat. I am happy to answers any questions about PR and the company.
@conradegusa 1) what do you think of pressfarm? 2) what's the biggest problem you guys are solving? 3) what are some thoughts on the future of PR?
@eriktorenberg Hi Erik, thanks for the message. For your questions: 1. With PressFarm, I think it's exciting to see new startups emerge in the PR industry. A while back I had been leaning towards create a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) service, the challenge I found was that I wasn't sure it was solving the problem. The reason is, I really enjoy helping with PR for entrepreneur friends (just to help them out), but in the high majority of cases I would tell them, "I'm happy to draft the press release & email, and walk you through each of the steps, all you have to do is do them", but almost all of the time the entrepreneurs would not follow up in it. This was one of the reasons for Publicize - we do all of the work for clients, but it's really affordable as well (the price ranges from $424-$499/month, and there is no retainer). 2. The problem we are solving is that traditionally, early-stage startups were a segment that no market option existed for. $10,000/month PR firms make sense for companies who have raised millions in funding, but this is a very large burden for a company just starting out. We wanted to create a world-class, affordable PR solution for this large market of aspiring entrepreneurs. In my opinion, startup marketing is all about ROI, and our aim to create this for companies. 3. For the future of PR, it is very hard to say. It's exciting though - I haven't met the founders of PressFarm & other PR startups, but I feel like we are pushing the boundary on adding new value to companies, and opening PR to businesses that traditionally could not afford it.
@conradegusa makes total sense, especially #2. i'm going to share with a bunch of friends.
Surprised pressfarm is getting more discussion when the value and potential ROI on this service could be game changing for early stage companies/product launches. Beyond testimonials do you have any more detailed case studies?
@MrAkshayPatel Hi Akshay, many thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it. We have a list of clients, testimonials and case studies on our website (it isn't fully updated, but it shows a fair amount). Publicize has worked with 8+ Y Combinator companies, New York Times Directors, and today we're growing pretty quickly (we were at 60-80 new leads a month last month, and we'll likely take a pretty big leap). The founder of Y Combinator startup Statwing, Greg Laughlin, was nice to write this about Publicize: "I had a great time working with Publicize. PR is just full of little tricks and best practices that are easy to do when you’re taught them, but tough to execute from just reading on a blog somewhere. Conrad helped us work through those kinds of tactics, and as a result Statwing was featured on both TechCrunch and VentureBeat. He’s also quite happy to just share general best practices so you can learn a lot while you go. I happily recommend Publicize to folks who ask me."