Publicfast is two side marketplace, where on one hand we help brands connect with influencers across all social networks and across the globe, and on the another we help influencers and active social media users get paid for collaborations with brands they love. Today we have over 72K of influencers with total reach of 900M users.

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Hey, product hunters! Thanks Eric for featuring us! I am Vitalii, CEO of Publcifast. My team and I, during last 2,5 years developed influencer marketing platform that helps influencers to monetize their social media networks and also we helps brands to find and start the collaboration with the right, targeted and motivated influencers across the globe. Since we were featured in February last time our influencers network growth from 7 000 to 30 000+ influencers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VK and now YouTube, and cover over 450M unique users. Brands, that use our solution growth from 60 to over 200 and we keep growing. So, what's new : we add analytics for influencers, so you can check details about Facebook, Twitter, and VK; new social networks like Youtube and Facebook pages; a new type of campaign - public , barter campaigns; list of influencers with extended numbers of filters Of course, there is much more work that we need to be done, but now we are excited to get your feedback about Publicfast. Would love to hear your thoughts! BTW: For all product owners, marketers and everyone we are happy to share extra discount fro subscription 50% for first six months, just use promo code "Iloveproducthunt" at the subscription page. PS: 50% of the budget for your first campaign on us! Join
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@vitaliimalets The code is not working, Uncaught ReferenceError: StripeCheckout is not defined.
@voon_ming_hann try just Iloveproducthunt
@voon_ming_hann @vitaliimalets seems like js didn't load because of Adblock or similar. I tried to switch between monthly and annual and all works fine!
Working with Publicfast is really joyful. Amazing work @vitaliimalets
@pavlo_kuznetsov it was great to work with you! We will add Periscope, Snapchat and soon!
@vitaliimalets what's the most promising network at this moment?
@pavlo_kuznetsov on my opinion is great one, and in 3-5 years brands will fight for attention from influencers at this network. But now Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat are great and brands are interested in this networks.
Some days I just feel like the manipulation of product hunt is out of hand. Today is one of those days.
@surfy I have to say, I was thinking the very same thing.
@andreasduess @surfy how so? Because of the double post?
@andreasduess @surfy what do you mean by that?
Wow! I was looking for such tool a few days ago. Looks awesome, I will definitely try it!
@archiolidius let me know if you will need some help )
When you plan on Instagram support?
hey @blakefolgado! In few weeks we will return Instagram to influencers. But as a brand, you can run the campaign with instagramers already today. Over 10K of Instagram accounts already connected