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Who hasn’t launched a product or feature too soon? We’ve all done it. Developers need beta testers. But it’s not easy to find them, especially if you are pre-launch. When Apple offered public beta links we knew right away we had to build a platform to easily connect developers to testers. Shortly after, was born.

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Do beta testers get paid?
@aafable great question! Currently is free for both app developers and beta testers but incentive based testing is in the future product roadmap.
Cool! What further developments are in your roadmap?
@romanarellano We hope to have some cool new updates in the near future but don’t want to give it all away quite yet. 😉 Stay tuned!
Any advantages over ?? 🤔
@v2s2c we have created PublicBetas with a focus on being a direct link between App Developers and Beta Testers and with Apple's latest release of Public Beta links - our goal is to make that connection more seamless than ever. PublicBetas is tailored to all of those requiring beta testing, e.g. startups, individual developers and established companies alike.
@gdorvs Nice Greg & Zach ! Good work! 😊😇
Great job!! 😊 Will definitely check out