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Man, some categorization would make this even more killer
@AnujAdhiya great idea! we'll do. For now we have Tags:
What about
@chrismessina the mega-load. I've seen that one before as well.
@chrismessina PW is not updated. 70% of the APIs listed are broken or do not exist anymore. PW is a business that makes money with ads from blog posts. PublicAPIs is maintained by the community and is not a commercial product, we made it to serve API developers.
@sinzone @chrismessina Seconding that, the best possible point, Augusto. PW is the first place we posted our hashtag grading analytics API - but see that there are many ghost APIs in there. A benefit with PW are the mashups and devs behind them, for getting in touch with people.
@osakasaul @chrismessina true. If you're looking for more than just a directory I suggest to check our API marketplace ( for API distribution and monetization.
aghi and marco need to do an AMA
Interesting, gonna need more coffee