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Alexandra Lamachenka
Alexandra Lamachenka@alexstrvinsky · Head of Marketing at SplitMetrics
That's what I wanted to write when I saw this cool stuff: "Whoa, notebooks and pencils look stunning! So many Sold Out items there, is it a Product Hunt influence? :) What company do they use for shipping? The notebooks could be pretty expensive for non-US countries. It's okay, we've got used to it already, but still." That's what I want to write now when I read their mission: From their site: "Unfortunately, smaller budgets and an increasing emphasis on standardized test scores have meant cuts in the resources devoted to the creative arts. Teachers often don’t have the materials they need for simple art projects -- stuff like blank paper, paintbrushes, and markers -- and some schools are having to cut entire departments. We want to provide materials where they're needed, but also to bring together creative thinkers and create a community to support our schools. We channel 25% of profits from every sale to a teacher in a high-need classroom, who will use the money for a project that drives creativity." Thank you for your idea, guys! It is so simple to earn money and build something really amazing at the same time.
Adam London
Adam LondonMaker@ablondon · Co-Founder, Public-Supply
@alexstrvinsky Thanks for the kind words.
Jack Smith
Jack SmithHunter@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
these guys make some awesome notebooks and other stationary.
Matthew Howells-Barby
Matthew Howells-Barby@matthewbarby · Marketing Director @ HubSpot
@_jacksmith great timing - I've just filled my Moleskine notepad so I'm going to get one of these! Love the white embossed ones.