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I've been working on my own public speaking for nearly five years now -- starting when I became one of the early Partners at 500 Startups. I was a new (and young) VC with no brand, no history and no public speaking skills. I forced myself to get one one public stage somewhere on the planet each month and, despite my many embarrassing mistakes, I systematically improved my public speaking skills. Since then, I’ve spoken to small audiences in rural Mexico, large multi-thousand person audiences in India and even did a commencement speech for a major U.S. university. It turns out, public speaking is a learned skill and one of the lowest-effort-highest-ROI skills anyone can have. Anyone can do it and, frankly, I wish I started 10 years ago. I created this course to share what I've learned along the way and, more importantly, to spare you from making all the embarrassing mistakes I’ve made through the years.
Awesome idea - and much needed!