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Technical leisure apparel for men

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Zach Goldstein@zach_goldstein · Founder, Public Rec
Thanks for the hunt, @ryandawidjan. We're excited to release our apparel to the Product Hunt community! We started with the All Day Every Day Pant, a tailored leisure pant available in waist and inseam sizing for a better fit. Since then, we've released our Go-To Tee, Go-To Henley, Politan Hoodie, and Crosstown Bomber. We're setting out to build a men's apparel brand of super comfortable clothing that is still stylish enough to be worn in public. We recently partnered with Jason Kipnis, two-time All-Star 2nd baseman for the Cleveland Indians.
Happy to answer any questions about Public Rec or leaving the finance world to start a clothing company!
Aman Advani@aman_advani
@zach_goldstein @ryandawidjan big fan of Public Rec - my go to Saturday uniform, stuff is crazy comfortable and durable.
Zach Goldstein@zach_goldstein · Founder, Public Rec
@aman_advani thanks Aman! Awesome to hear!
Igor Marchuk@igor_march
Got pants a year ago and am ultimately in love with them.
Zach Goldstein@zach_goldstein · Founder, Public Rec
@igor_march awesome! Thank you for sharing!
RyanHunter@ryandawidjan · product+biz NYC
@igor_march same, love wearing around the house and outside the apt
Dre Durr💡@dredurr · Growth is the only thing that matters
What does "Technical Leisure" mean? It sounds like an oxymoron
Zach Goldstein@zach_goldstein · Founder, Public Rec
@dredurr thanks! The technical aspect means our garments are designed for function with performance fabrics. Our fabrics are all moisture-wicking with high breathability and four-way stretch. The leisure part speaks more to when our garments can be worn. Clothes for guys to wear when they come home from work and want to put on something comfortable, but can still feel good about if they need to leave the house to run an errand. Garments for travel, weekend brunch, grocery shopping, going to the movies, etc.
BrianBest@brianbest · Software Developer
@zach_goldstein @dredurr I want it to mean that the shirt turns in to like some kind of James Bond gadget. :P Still looks like awesome apparel, i'm looking at getting the hoodie
Zach Goldstein@zach_goldstein · Founder, Public Rec
@brianbest @dredurr haha. Me too...Thanks!
Julian Miller@julianmiller · Founder @Learnmetrics
I have a bunch of their gear. Don't miss out. And it does truly look stylish in public. Pro-tip: perfect for long flights
Zach Goldstein@zach_goldstein · Founder, Public Rec
@julianmiller thanks so much! Definitely great for travel!
Francis Kim@franciskim_co · Full Stack Human
⚡️ Congrats! Added to: