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A more stylish alternative to sweatpants and jeans

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RyanHunter@ryandawidjan · product+biz NYC
Big fan of Zach and what's he's building - looking out for that upcoming sweatshirt :)
Zach Goldstein
Zach GoldsteinMaker@zach_goldstein · Founder, Public Rec
Thanks Ryan! Hi Guys, I'm Zach and I recently started Public Rec. We launched on Kickstarter last summer with the All Day Every Day Pant, a tailored leisure pant available in waist and length sizing for a better fit.
We're now selling our pants on our website and in the process of designing some new gear. We're setting out to build a men's apparel brand of super comfortable, yet stylish technical clothing for guys to wear during leisure activities (running errands, lounging, moviegoing, weekend brunch, travel, etc.). Happy to answer any questions about the product, Public Rec, or leaving the finance world to start a clothing company!
Niki Blaker
Niki Blaker@niki_blaker
@zach_goldstein Considering these for my husband! How do you feel your product compares to Beta Brand?
Zach Goldstein
Zach GoldsteinMaker@zach_goldstein · Founder, Public Rec
@nikiblaker Beta Brand's are a bit more formal. Ours are made of a synthetic blend of nylon and spandex fabric, so they wick moisture and perform well in the gym. In general, I think our pants are for a slightly more relaxed setting and more comfortable in my unbiased opinion :).
Niki Blaker
Niki Blaker@niki_blaker
@zach_goldstein Makes sense - thank you!
Zach Goldstein
Zach GoldsteinMaker@zach_goldstein · Founder, Public Rec
@nikiblaker no problem! We've received very encouraging feedback on the pants so far. Would love for you to give them a try for your husband. We cover shipping both ways domestic if your hubby doesn't love them! :)
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
Well this is going to mess up the Product Hunt sweatpants thursdays 😝
Greg Schwartz
Greg Schwartz@gregmschwartz · Building consumer products online
Love HOW Zach is building this - pants first, from the bottom up!
Alex Adelman
Alex AdelmanHiring@alexadelman · Founder, Lolli 🍭
Awesome founder. Great product.