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Niv Dror
VC at Shrug Capital
Pocket is testing out a way for you to share your favorite items to a public profile, which others can follow to see your picks in a feed of recommended items. Your saved items are still private by default, but you can now choose to broadcast favorite pieces with your followers. This is really interesting by Pocket, The Verge has a good writeup here. The public beta is now available on iOS and Android.
@nivo0o0 This was the feature that Delicious has that I was waiting for Pocket to deliver on. Awesome.
Luis SolanoLead Platform Engineer @ Pixable
♬ Public pockeeeets ♬
This is exactly what I use twitter for except without the noise. Looks great, will give it a try!
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
@luisobo 😂 my favorite Jim Gaffigan skit.
Sam Dickie
Product Manager Maker NoCode & BetaTesta
I use pocket everyday and I'm constantly sharing my reads with people and through Twitter! This is a move!
ashton kutcher
founder Sound Ventures, Aplus
I believe that the Pocket eco system has the potential to drastically improve signal to noise as a social reader.
Paul Tomkinson
Founder, Textras
@aplusk we believe strongly that changes to the signal to noise issues prevalent in news and social is what's coming next.
Kostas Xiradakis
Product Manager at viva wallet
Potentially this move can change a lot of things in the content curation and distribution space. I like it because people put things on pocket that genuinely interest them instead of profile-building-generic stuff. So excited 😍😍
@kostgx yes but will that change now!
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