Buy any stock with any amount of money. Commission-free.

Public makes the stock market social. Follow other investors, discover companies to believe in, invest with any amount of money — commission-free. Invest dollar amounts in your favorite companies no matter the share price. [Disclosures]
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Thanks for hunting @sethlouey! Super excited to get this finally out into the world. We’ve been working on it for quite some time and are launching our new “Slices” feature together with our new brand today. Public is a new kind of stock brokerage that makes it possible to buy any stock with any amount of money. And it's commission-free. The stock market is one of the biggest drivers of prosperity in history. But the truth is, what’s supposed to be the public markets are the markets for the few. Wealth creation has been locked up behind private banks, expensive financial products and $1,000 stocks. Public lets you buy any stock for any amount of money. No matter the stock price. Amazon might have reached $2,000 a share when you read this, but on Public you can invest as little as $5 into Amazon. We enable everyone to be an owner of their favorite companies, no matter the size of their checkbook. Additionally the app lets investors connect with each other via a public feed to share ideas and insights. We’ll be here to answer any questions and looking forward to seeing you all on Public soon as well!
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@malling you got it! Seems like a necessary product.
Looks nice but... If you are not in the US, there is no use to you.... Too bad
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@eugen_popa Hey Eugen! Currently Public is only available in the US but never say never :)
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@eugen_popa I believe they are only in the US market at the moment? Unless I am misunderstanding.
@eugen_popa @mastemine Correct Logan, only US at the moment
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@eugen_popa @leifthunder It really would be good if it could be extended to Europe also
Very neat product, I imagine it’s taken a lot to navigate through the sec and other entities to get this model up and running. Like how there are no fees. This would have been awesome if I had this back in college to start investing what I could.
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Beautiful product! I see you offer unlimited commission-free trading. Sounds great. What is your business model and how does it align with users? Very interested to learn more about the business model itself
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@e_reder Thanks Eva! Good question. Since we built a highly automated brokerage operation, we don't need to charge commission to run a sustainable business -- we can rely on other sources of revenue like share lending and order flow payments. Pretty much all U.S. brokerages receive income from these activities, but most have to charge commission on top of that in order to cover the high costs of running a business with a lot of manual processes. Obviously, keeping commissions at $0 has been key to our business model from the outset, since investing $10 in you favorite company doesn't make sense if you're paying $10 in commission fees. 😊 As we roll out more features in the future, we may introduce a premium version for a small subscription fee. However, we raised money from some great investors earlier this year (including Accel and Greycroft, early VCs in co's like Venmo and Facebook) so that we don't have to focus on those features just yet.
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@e_reder @malling really cool model , would love to see a post about it analyzing metrics, etc
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The team is here today to answer any questions. Very excited to finally have this out of the door.
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@leifthunder can you share your tech stack? thanks!
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