Public Art - Street Art Museum

Discover street art photos found with ML from 170+ countries

Find street art from 5,900 cities in 172 countries.
Public Art is the largest collection of street art images, updated daily. By gathering photos from around the internet and using machine learning models to identify street art, Public Art aims to digitally preserve murals around the world.
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For anyone interested, I wrote about how I built this app here: Public Art is a React Native iOS app, backed by a Ruby on Rails backend, and some Jupyter notebooks that I run for the image scraping.
@rememberlenny Congrats on the launch ๐Ÿ™Œ Just read the blog post, really great to see how it came together through development.
Hugh fan of street art! Love to see a "hub" so you can see it all in one place! Nice work.
I have been a huge street art fan for the last 20 years and have taken many photos and contributed to many apps and what I really love about this app and its continuing development is the application of machine learning models to identify the art/artists/location/etc. Street art is ephemeral by design but this app can help catalog all of an artist's or cities work long after its gone.