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Find geotagged graffiti and street art wherever you go

Find street art anywhere!
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Hey! I made Public Art as a fun side project. I painted graffiti for 8 years and decided to make some software related to my interest. Public Art's data is based on a stored list of geotagged #streetart and #graffiti queries from Instagram. The app pulls your current location to check for the closest pieces in the query.
I'm continually impressed with the street art tucked in the corners and down the alleys of San Francisco. Downloading this now. Also check out a similar app, Graffmap by @rhymeswithsimon and @i_am_grant's curated gallery of street art, Blank Walls are Criminal.
@rhymeswithsimon @i_am_grant @rrhoover My sentiments exactly. I love graffiti art, especially the pieces that are tagged with the "Not Art" logo in Boston--some of the coolest ones I've seen. Definitely gonna use this app next time I'm walking downtown.
@rrhoover is it possible to "re-launch" this? I've been a lot of work on it and would love to showcase it again.
Thanks @rrhoover There's something super interesting about the documentation of street art as, by it's nature, the canvas continually changes.