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PUBLIC APIs UI is interface for the public APIs from a open source project that is

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Hi PH πŸ‘‹ I made a website to index all public APIs from with some extra field author, commiter and date(when an APIs is added). So, it's easy to explore recently added APIs and you can also add the project that you build with an that is index there. Happy to answer any and all questions you might have! Thanks!
@mddanishyusuf This is good but why does every search show me a subscribe popup. That's bad UX pattern. Those who want to subscribe it, will subscribe. No need to force it on users πŸ˜ƒ
@deadcoder0904 Thanks. But I'm not poping up newsletter modal until you click on button. maybe there is some issues. can you please share me the screen recoding. that will be helpful for me. Thanks.
@mddanishyusuf I think it only happens after clicking "Subscribe" button then entering something in search & hitting "Enter" it again shows newsletter
@deadcoder0904 I'm sorry you facing this issues. But this is not the flow. can you please let me know the which browser you using? thanks for your effort for this gif.
@deadcoder0904 oops I got the problem. fixing it and thanks again.
Awesome! Now I just need to learn to code
@mrdobelina yes, best of luck. And if you need any help let me know. I'll be happy to help anyone.
@mrdobelina No you don't. You can make use of a vast majority of API's through Bubble. ( Welcome to the no-code revolution!
@mrdobelina @colinwinhall I agree with you. but having coding experience is amazing for anyone.
@colinwinhall And the tool is good. Will share this tool to some of my juniors to understand visual tools to build applications.
Hello PH, Now you can request for add APIs on Here is the link to the form https://mddanishyusuf.typeform.c... Thanks
Hey @mddanishyusuf - this is an amazing idea! Thanks for making it happen πŸ˜„
@angeloe Thank you! Glad to hear. if you want me to add any feature into this project then your welcome. thanks again.
Great product. I'd suggest to include also search filtering per type like https, auth, cors, etc.
@enricocerroni Thanks. Yes, good suggestion and will add in next iteration. thanks again.