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Hey PH’ers! My name is Avner and I am the founder and CEO of Public. Excited to be here and hear your feedback. We started Public because we wanted to have a place where we can have and discover great conversations. We are used to listening to people talk on the radio/podcasts or watching them on TV/YouTube, but so many conversations are now taking place over messaging, and yet there is no easy way to share these chats with the world. The first version of Public runs on iPhone and you can also watch/participate on the web. Would love to hear your feedback about the concept and our execution of it. I will be here answering comments, but you can also find me on Public at or you can email me Also published a blog post with more details.. Looking forward to chatting! Avner
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@avneron @public congrats and good luck!
@noniisrael @public thanks! it's fun to work on it.
@avneron @public avner hi. So it works now only in the US? No love for Israel? :(
@ishenfeld it should work in Israel, but probably the lack of Android support will be a challenge. UI not localized to hebrew, but I assume that should not be an issue.
I’ve been working with the team for the past few weeks, and we’re really excited to bring Public to the err… public! I’ve started all kinds of chats, from baseball to skincare, bots to Game of Thrones. It’s been a blast so far, and we’re excited to see what the PH community thinks!
@veronica how are you involved with the project?
@jasonhitchcock as a product consultant and chat-host wrangler :)
@veronica @jasonhitchcock you should get the M mark on your name. Woman's power
I've been checking this out for a couple of days and it looks like an awesome way to follow the topics and get input in public. Great concept that gives a forum-like chatting feel to the product.
Congrats guys...looking really good!
@thomascdaly Thank you!
Glad to see it out and in people's hands! I've been playing with Public since inception and I love the premise and the experience. Excited to see how the community engages with it.