Embeddable and beautiful billing portal for your SaaS app

Embeddable billing panel for your product, integrated with a simple snippet of code and compatible with Stripe & Recurly.

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I wish to see more examples and how it works visuals. Because it's hart to understand what the client would see and get when I use PuBilling.
@vladkorobov Hi Vlad, thanks for your feedback! Based on your feedback we added a link to view a sample page with PuBilling working, you can see the link from our home page or here: . We are also looking to improve the onboarding experience with a preview before doing the code integration. Thanks again!
We added a demo page where you could see how PuBilling works embeddable on any page. Check it out:
I want ti see more
@lilit_antonyan What do you want to see?
Um publicly visible app id and possibly easily guessable customer id, exposing other users data - no thanks.
@timshnaider Hi Tim! Thanks for your feedback, but the app id is from PuBilling and we require identity verification for the customer id. More details here:
Grab my upvote, always glad to see products that make pricing-pages great again πŸ˜‰ We would like to offer you to feature PuBilling in an interview at please PM me at if interested
@startupradius @paul_shuteyev Thanks! I will send you a message.
@raphaelwcosta Great! Will be waiting for your email.