pttrns v2 beta

Mobile UI patterns, now improved

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mpiccinato@mpiccinato · Coding CoFounder | UpTo, Inc.
This is a great update! Use this site all the time. @robinraszka Only problem I have with this update is that I now have to click through to get info about which app it is. Would be nice to add a hover state to reveal that info.
Liz Cormack
Liz Cormack@lizco · Senior Experience Designer, Sonos
@robinraszka @mpiccinato missing this and responsive layout-- overall missing the old version actually, but love the site. Am I not seeing some new feature? category list text is also really tiny.
Vijay Sivaji
Vijay Sivaji@vjnotes · Head of UX @AbraGlobal
Been using the beta for awhile. Excellent update!!
Nico Mage
Nico Mage@nicomage · co-founder & designer @ It Rocks Studio
Such a great place for inspiration. The best site of its kind IMO
Robin Raszka
Robin RaszkaMakerPro@robinraszka · Founder of Facemoji
@nicomage Thank you, I try to keep it the best of its kind.
Kevin William David
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kevin · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Pttrns was hunted earlier. Its being relaunched with more design patterns, resources and inspiration.
Robin Raszka
Robin RaszkaMakerPro@robinraszka · Founder of Facemoji
@kwdinc Thanks for the hunt. I plan to officially launch the new version next week. This one's still buggy and feature complete. It was a big struggle/challenge to find a way how to monetize it. Obviously it costs $ to keep the lights on so any ideas are much appreciated.
Ryan@ryanamurphy · Ryan Murphy
Big improvement on the last beta
Robin Raszka
Robin RaszkaMakerPro@robinraszka · Founder of Facemoji