360-degree spherical video camera system

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as I understand it this is just for the rig + lenses that houses the gopros? One thing I've always wondered is how to merge the video together. This would be a lot of fun to play with.
@paulprins yes and thank you! You can use Kolor or Videostitch, we also will launch our software for stitching videos together.
I added this to the largest VR collection on PH :)
Cool! But three gopro cameras? Eek!
@imstilljosh I'm not an expert in this at all, so please correct me if I'm wrong, don't Google cars have more than 1 gopro on them when they shoot streets? Don't you need more than a 1 gopro to make it an awesome 360 shoot from one take?
@imstilljosh Is it too many or not enough?
@dragilev & @anyachuba ... oh, three cameras is's not a bad thing. I'm super excited about it. But I only have one. lol
@imstilljosh Most rigs seem to use 6 gopros or more!