PTO Ninja

Slack app helping teams better manage time off

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PTO Ninja is an out of office management system built in Slack.

With streamlined features to help employees coordinate time off, and integrations with GSuite and most HRIS, PTO Ninja is perfect for any scaling company looking to add more structure to their time off process.

  • Martin Giura
    Martin GiuraFounder @Piiojs

    Practical, Easy, Saves Time, Integrates with Slack


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    I can’t imagine a company that is using Slack and does not use PTO Ninja for Out of Office Management. It is practical, easy and they are tackling a real problem in a smart way. Although we have a small structure (less than 10 employees) it is very valuable to us.

    Martin Giura has used this product for one month.
  • Jessica Hyejin Lee
    Jessica Hyejin LeeCEO, Handstack

    Easy, seamless, and fun to use



    We just started using PTO Ninja and it's just so easy. People are already using slack so they love putting in data in the app. Plus, it makes it so much easier to encourage employees to take time off when they need and take care of themselves. It's an integral part of our culture.

    Jessica Hyejin Lee has used this product for one month.
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Kevin Corliss
Kevin CorlissMaker@kevin_corliss1 · CEO & Founder of Treehoppr
What a great day, Product Hunt 🎉 Kevin here along with @douglasfranklin, co-founders at Treehoppr, and we're so excited to introduce you all to PTO Ninja! Released in mid-2018, PTO Ninja has been operating in the shadows of Slack, fine-tuning its skills with just under 30 pilot companies, and is now ready to unleash its power on the world. 🌎 In a former life, Doug and I noticed that without proper communication or preparation, one employee absence could bring projects and companies to a grinding halt. And the guilt of leaving your post and letting your team down kept a lot of people from taking time off that they desperately needed. 😫 PTO Ninja is built to change all of that. In addition to the features you'll find in other PTO tracking systems, PTO Ninja focuses on employee health and team alignment, ensuring employees take appropriate time off throughout the year and helping with task handoffs and project management before and while folks are out of office. Basically, it's built to 💥 kick the s*** 💥 out of all your PTO needs. And it's a Slack app, so people actually like using it. 👍 It even integrates with Google calendar and most HRIS, including BambooHR, ADP, Workday and more. Today, we are proud to share our app publicly with you all and we would love to get your feedback! We'll be around all day answering questions, so feel free to comment here or email me or Doug directly at or Kevin, CEO of Treehoppr (creators of PTO Ninja)
Nico Bistolfi
Nico BistolfiPro@nicolasbistolfi · Founder at @piiojs
@douglasfranklin @treehoppr @kevin_corliss1 Keep up the good job guys!
Ben Purcell
Ben Purcell@benpurcell8
Super easy to setup and start using in our team!
Kevin Corliss
Kevin CorlissMaker@kevin_corliss1 · CEO & Founder of Treehoppr
@benpurcell8 glad you're enjoying it Ben!
Akinyele Dairo
Akinyele Dairo@akinyele_dairo · Enthusiast. Forever Learning.
Kevin, Doug - This is awesome, huge value add to employees, HR teams & I imagine anyone who uses it. Love the integrations 🔥
Kevin Corliss
Kevin CorlissMaker@kevin_corliss1 · CEO & Founder of Treehoppr
@akinyele_dairo thank you! Hope we can work together in the near future, let me know if you ever want to talk shop.
Victoria O
Victoria O@victoria_o
My company uses PTO Ninja and I absolutely love the integrations. One click and it posts to BambooHR, creates a Google calendar event, and tells my manager and all my direct reports what to do while I’m away. Highly recommend!
Kevin Corliss
Kevin CorlissMaker@kevin_corliss1 · CEO & Founder of Treehoppr
@victoria_o thanks Victoria! glad it's helping!
Tori Blanchard
Tori Blanchard@tori_blanchard
For someone that loves to take advantage of PTO, I really value the ease & comfort this product enables for myself and my team. Not to mention, using it makes me feel less guilty for taking time off. 10/10!!