Ptengine 3.0

All-in-one heatmaps and analytics

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I'm a heavy Hotjar user/advocate. Can you tell me how do you differentiate from them?
@amvlad thanks for your reply. Well Hotjar is nice app and has a good pricetag. The difference between us is that Ptengine is a complete analytics app replacing Google Analytics and giving you the best Heatmaps you can get. My colleague always says: Heatmaps from Hotjar are like a toy... I dare you to try out our heatmaps and let me know what you think ;)
@jgdeutsch + @guygeeraedts tell us what's new in Ptengine 2.0!
@katesegrin @jgdeutsch Hi Everyone, We’re so pumped to show you Ptengine 3.0! This is 7 months of hard work from 20 people working around the clock. Our dream is to build software that gets your website’s visitors to complete more goals. More sales, more email subscribers, more conversions. Would love to get your feedback! Check out our demo first: OFFER: For all Product Hunters we are offering a 75% discount on our website. Some highlights - A complete re-design of the interface - Support for all responsive websites - Ptengine is rebuild and got a 20% performance boost - Feedback, customers can directly contact Ptengine to add features or help in conversion performance - Multi language support starting with: French & German
I like the simple real-time overview of traffic and the Wordpress plugin you guys created. It would be much easier if you added also an option inside the plugin to add the tracking code into the header, I wouldn´t have to install an additional plugin to do so. But all in all: GoSquared meets CrazyEgg meets Google Analytics with a great price tag.
@empteam Thanks Elvis. If you need any help setting up your first conversion goals, let me know!
This is really cool. I've been searching for a similar solution in the last few days and this seems to be an exact fit. Will try this out today.
@surendranb Enjoy our product! If you need any help let me know!
Try :)