Add heatmaps and analytics with only one line of code

@kwdinc really love the simple functionality of Does this add more usability?
Doesn't look like this has session recording. Heatmaps are nice but without seeing how people are actually interacting it's just another visualization on basic analytics, without any funnel capability, cohort/retention, etc.
@mblevin thanks for sharing your opinion. However, there's at least one misunderstanding, Ptengine does have deeper analytics function (such as funnel, event analysis, page/page group, conversion, campaign analysis, etc) in addition to heatmap visualization, I encourage you to give it a try and see for yourself. Plus, session playback only shows behavior individually, can't represent group behaviors, unless you have unlimited time for checking millions of playback and have the budget for that amount. It can only be a bit useful when you get individual complaint from a customer and use it to find out why. But be careful with that, even now one of the biggest names of heatmap provider uses bot to capture only your page screenshot and cursor position by page coordinates, what more could you expect if you have a dynamic web page? I'm talking about elements by Ajax, JS, prompts, menus for hidden forms, let alone sites built with responsive web design. The only thing that is left is just confusions.
Also checkout . What other tools do you use for adding heatmaps ?
@kwdinc thanks for getting us up here, much appreciated. I'm interested in knowing how you discovered us?