Ps for UI Design

Photoshop training for web designers, not photographers.

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Nathan Barry
Nathan BarryHunter@nathanbarry · Founder, ConvertKit
I've been working on this course for the last few months. Basically I became frustrated that all the Photoshop training started by teaching you to remove red-eye and crop photos and didn't get to UI design until intermediate levels. My approach is to focus only on the aspects used by professional interface designers (shapes, paths, layer styles, etc) and skip past the parts that aren't important to web & mobile app designers.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Looks great, @nathanbarry. I've enjoyed following your career building content and products. Keep it up.
Nathan Barry
Nathan BarryHunter@nathanbarry · Founder, ConvertKit
Thanks Ryan. :)
Will Imholte
Will Imholte@willimholte · Designer, Prime
I'm curious about the decision to do video instead of (or instead of in addition to) text tutorials. I recognize the difficulty of creating both, so 'it's too expensive/time consuming to create good text and video instruction' is a fine answer, but I've always struggled with video Photoshop lessons. To answer a bit of my own question, I suppose it's that I treat Photoshop tutorials as recipe cards, and I really just want to see the steps highlighted as quickly as possible. Any plan to release sample versions of the videos/an intro video so potential customers can verify the instruction quality? (I have a bit of background in video software lessons, and it seemed like having a few videos available massively helped conversions—though the stuff I was working on was super rare anyway, so it was easy to standout with a few free videos on youtube directing people to the site for the paid content)
Nathan Barry
Nathan BarryHunter@nathanbarry · Founder, ConvertKit
I find text tutorials end up being very wordy to explain the same amount as what I could explain with video. Also they are much slower to create. My last three books were all text, so I wanted to switch to a different media. For some sample content I released one of the design case studies: