Prynt Pocket

Photo printer that uses AR to create moving pictures

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Thomas Cailhol
@mrkyol · Product guy from 🇫🇷
Great job to @perrotcl and the team! Looks really fun to use!
Morgane Canastra
@morganecanastra · WYKER
Love this product since his beginning and happy to see how he evolutes!
Kostya Rypta
@kostyarypta · Founder of http://onlot.net
Who and why need to print photos in 2017?
Antonio Bruno Bologna
@antonio_bologna · Full Stack Architect
What about connecting via Bluetooth instead. At the very least add a cable for all phones with bulky cases other than that nice product
Nick Ngoh
So the adapter is iPhone only. Any plans to make an Android version/ bluetooth capability? Also is it designed for a particular model of iPhone? Or are the sides adjustable Very cool product!