Turn your smartphone into a Polaroid

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I recently went to an event where everyone received a Polaroid from the evening. If it's lightweight and cheap enough, I'd love a way to turn my phone into a Polaroid camera!
@nayafia love the concept! @epan should get them on Celery.
@nayafia Thanks for your support! Did you get your own Prynted picture during the event? :)
@leepnet @nayafia @epan Might be a nice solution after the crowdfunding campaign!
We just saw something like this used in californiacation and we were wondering if it was real! Love the idea.
@DavidSpinks No way! Do you have a screenshot of it? We are working very hard now to make it real :)
how much will it cost?
@lovethecool Hi! It will be available at $99 on Kickstarter (even less for the early birds ;) ). The paper will be only at 30cts!
@zigzhang cool! when do you anticipate launch?
@lovethecool We are launching a crowdfunding campaign end of January 2015! Hope you'll be there :)
@DavidSpinks Hi David! I just caught the demo vid on Tech Crunch. I can't wait to test out the device! Very exciting stuff. Quick question about the augmented reality capability: If you give a pic to someone else, what capabilities do they need on their phone to see the image come to life? Does the pic just have to be viewed through the app?
This is amazing, what a great idea to give a much of Instagramers at my events one each.