Performance-based PR for startups

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Thank you for featuring PRserve on ProductHunt today! Here is some background info on my agency: I launched PRserve out of a full-service fifteen-year-old, traditional PR agency. Thus, PRserve’s clients work with a team of highly experienced publicists, without the risk of depleting their funding on retainers. PRserve was the first PR firm to cater to the needs of promising new startups with a transparent, performance-based policy. Our business model makes it possible for small startups to get the early exposure they ordinarily might not be able to finance with a traditional PR firm. We developed the PRserve methodology because we wanted the opportunity to help all startups, whether they’re fully funded or frustratingly bootstrapped. Our goal is to get these amazing companies the early exposure they need to grow their brand and effectively share their stories.
Anyone used them? I'm actually in the market for this right now.
Team is extremely responsive.
I have. Chris is awesome. Highly recommend. Chris you should do an AMA? (I can't tag you or I would).
What is the product? Is it just a PR firm or is there some sort of toolset that I'm missing?