Web Interception Proxy For Mac OS X

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What are the advantages compared to, e.g., Chrome Dev Tools?
@malteraff the chrome dev tools only work inside your browser. If you want to intercept an app you need this tool. It works for any type of software that can use a proxy. It could also work for software that doesn't support proxies with a bit of trickery. It can intercept SSL and record all requests and responses to a file. Proxies are very useful tools for debugging, taking things apart and security testing. :)
Not as powerful and feature rich as mitmproxy but certainly provides a friendlier user experience. For the 0.99$ they take for v1.x, it's defiantly worth having.
@norod78 I am not sure what extra features mitm proxy provides but I will sure check it out. Also v2 is in the works and it will be very feature rich.
@pdp @norod78 will v2 be an update that's included with this purchase? I realize that for $0.99, it might not -- just wondering :)
@pdp Will V2 be an update or upgrade (higher price)?
@dshaw_ very likely because it will be somewhat different. We don't want to disappoint our current users but we are heading towards the idea of releasing v2 as a different tool. For now the plan is to give away a free basic version with an option for a payed upgrade for the pro version.
Love this app which could replace Fiddler or Wireshark but my company uses PC installing Windows or Linux.
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