Access the office effortlessly, using your phone

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I use proxy at our office. It's been really great; no more fobs!
I saw @denismars's tweet to this TechCrunch article with the comment "We're officially launched" so I went ahead and posted this. Seems super cool. We use key cards at WeWork and when your hands are full it's soooo annoying.
@andrewett no worries - you beat me to it, but job well done :)
Love Denis and Simon. They've retrofitted our doors at YC so now we don't have to remember keycodes or our keys. Other smart-locks I looked at were restricted to deadbolt doors only; Proxy's flexibility made it a no-brainer for me. So glad to have been able to work with them!
@svkpham Thanks Steven! We're super grateful for taking a chance on us when we were just getting started - the real world usage was priceless for us to get this right.
This looks really cool and I bet it could be pretty useful with co-working spaces. Also the pricing seems reasonable to me in that setup. What types of doors does it work on? Does it need to have an internet connection in order to open or is bluetooth enough? I'm thinking that some firms in bigger complexes maybe don't have wifi available from the 3rd story or so offices ๐Ÿ˜Š Is it possible to install the hardware by yourself? I'm guessing the technicians are not available outside US?
@curiousigor We are targeting commercial doors with electric strikes / maglocks for now. Co-working is a perfect use case since people rotate all the time! Internet connection required on your phone, but not the sensor. Unfortunately, we can't support pilots outside the US right now, but would love to chat about your use case anyway - feel free to reach out via email.
So glad this is installed at YC. Saves a ton of hassle!