A modern minesweeper on the web for all devices

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Proxx is a modern minesweeper. It's a progressive web app designed to work on feature phones all the way up to desktop at a smooth 60fps. It should also be fully acessible to screenreaders
Chris Esplin
Jason Miller
  • Chris Esplin
    Chris EsplinCo-Owner,

    It's fun! I really like it.


    It's great.

    The game has a classic mechanic and great execution.

    Chris Esplin has used this product for one day.
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Asif Islam
Asif Islam@asifpix · CEO of iThemesLab
Played Minsweeper after a long time. Thanks to the creator.
Jovis Joseph Aloor
Jovis Joseph Aloor@jovisjoseph · Co-Founder at
Thanks @paul_kinlan . Just yesterday i was contemplating creating something like this... This is just what i was looking for my weekly nostalgia fix
Edward Seim
Edward Seim@sir_seim · Software Engineer @
Graphics are pretty calming. Definitely a great option when you need to take a break.