World's most discreet and reliable pet tracking device

Hi Product Hunters! ProxiPet is still in very early concept phase, but we have filed a provisional patent on our unique modular design. We want to prove to our sponsors there is enough interest to move forward with a physical working prototype. Thanks for looking, and we appreciate any feedback! One of the unique aspects of our device is the modular design, which allows it to be used for just about anything as we develop future mods/adapters. Our first target customer base is pet owners and using the device as a pet tracker. You can attach it to your existing pet collar very discreetly using the collar mod/adapter. We plan to use the newest in cellular technology, LTE-M. LTE-M is a Low Power Wide Area Network solution that allows us to get at least 1 month of battery life and potentially up to 3 months of battery life based on usage. Our goal is to have anyone interested fill out our form on and express their interest in ordering a product. If we can hit at least 500 people interested by July 14, we hope to secure enough funding to design our first functional prototype and move to Kickstarter to begin funding! Thanks for checking us out!
Hey Ed! What future mods + adapters do you think your modular design will allow and how will they benefit pet owners? There are tons of GPS-enabled collars on the market today - I'm curious what you think will make yours stand out.
@balindenberg Hi Brett! We have included in our provisional patent some sketches for quite a few mods/adapters that will allow the ProxiPet device to be attached to just about anything! Our first market is starting with the pet collar clasp mod/adapter. This will allow it to snap into place discreetly to your existing pet collars. That same adapter could be used for a clasp on any pet harness or on a child harness. We have a ring mod as well which will allow you to use a carabiner and clip to a backpack, purse, or let it dangle from a dog collar as well. We've designed both open and closed loop mods as well which could work to attach to a belt or off the side of a collar if preferred. Finally, we've also considered and included wrist band and lanyard mods to allow it to be warn on a person's wrist or around the neck like a necklace.
@balindenberg We also believe using LTE-M technology combined with GPS/Bluetooth and/or Wifi that we can squeeze a lot of battery life out of our device. Much longer battery life than what we've seen currently on the market.
Cool! I would really need that for my cat.
Good luck Ed! There are very few options and ZERO good options. PodPet is what we use now and it is horrible on both sides - false alarms AND failure to notify when they leave a GPS perimeter. I will give you my money today and be a prototype tester for your 'large area / farm' demographic.
Does using LTE-M mean ProxiPet is not limited to a radius? If my dog gets lost, how exact will their location be?
@nava_bromberger Hi Nava, we will combine GPS and LTE-M technology to offer better battery life. There is no limited radius. LTE-M is cellular technology that can be used to send smaller amounts of data such as location coordinates and has lower power usage than LTE or 3G. You can pinpoint the device within 10-20 feet of its location.
ProxiPet has pivoted away from building this device as of Feb 12, 2018. There will not be any further development updates.