Analytics for the real world

Team seems pretty impressive. How did you come accross this hunt @rdardour?
Thanks for the hunt @rdardour ! We created Proximus to allow retailers to accurately understand the behaviour of their shoppers in-store. The challenge was to do it transparently: no apps, WiFi signals or cameras! Our technology is based on two things: our unique indoor location and navigation engine and a great BigData architecture that analyse the behaviour of thousands of shoppers every day! Drop us a line to know more! :)
How is this done without wIfi or phone?
Good question @SHERM8N ! I am sending you a message with the details!
@nsxsn actually I'd be very interested to learn more too!
sounds very interesting do you have any retailers using this already?
@johnnyquachy hi Jonhny! I've just answered in the next question! (to @bramk ) If it is not clear enough I will be glad to tell you the details!
How are you actually tracking people? Can you explain without secret messages? ;)
@bramk @rdardour of course!! We install passive BTLE chips in baskets and carts and we transform these fuzzy signals into positions on the store layout. We do it anonymously. It is 100% iBeacon compatible so we can link the journey with an specific user in the future. Our technology has an accuracy of 1.5m in a 20.000m^2 hypermarket!
@nsxsn @bramk @rdardour How do you deal with users that don't use baskets or carts?
@johnnyquachy @nsxsn @rdardour and are you focussing on basket and cart manufacturers? or the stores? Difficult rollout imo - interesting concept nonetheless :)
@bramk @johnnyquachy @rdardour In this moment we are focused on retailers and brands. We have already talked with some carts manufacturers but it is still early for them to integrate beacons on carts. Yes, the rollout is challenging but the results are amazing! :-)
This could be a very big business. Awesome positioning and landing page. How far along is the company?
@dshan We are currently working with some of the largest retailers in Europe and working on opening new leads in the States! Any help is greatly appreciated!
@nsxsn Cool. Might be interesting to chat with @tonynicalo about the work he's doing at Dónde. Happy to intro if he doesn't drop in here.
Thanks @dshan. Hi Jorge @nsxsn Happy to connect. We stop at the front door, so would be happy to hand off to you.
@TonyNicalo @dshan Awesome! We start our magic just at the front door! :) My email is jorge at proximus dot io