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  • AnnUI UX designer

    This course helps me understand the design process better and how to apply the principle and other the considerations better.


    all good.

    Jarrod is very patient and has helped me find solutions when I encounter problems.

    Ann has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    This course is great if you want to improve your skills.


    I really have not found any cons.

    Jarrod has helped me to find new ways to see my design process.

    He has an amazing method of teaching. The course has a very good structure.

    Francisco Ramírez has used this product for one month.


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Jarrod DrysdaleMaker@studiofellow · Indie designer. I teach design. 🤘
Hey there, hunters! Proximity School is my show, and here's the story of how this project started. But first, I just set up a discount just for ProductHunt. If you are interested in the design course, TheorySprints, get $25 off with this code: "ProductHunt25". (The design pattern library is totally free, though.) In the years since writing my ebook Bootstrapping Design, I was surprised to find designers reading such a basic book, which I'd intended for developers building side projects. After a few years and lots of conversations with designers, I realized there's a huge gap in design education. Most places are teaching popular topics like UX & research, design systems, design thinking, etc. But the thing is, those are advanced techniques. It's hard to find a place to learn fundamental design theory. For newer designers, and those of us who didn't go to design school, it's hard to round out your knowledge with design principles because no one teaches it. So I decided to write a course. I launched the course privately to my newsletter, have had a couple of rounds of new students, and now it's time to open it up to the world. I'm celebrating the launch by adding a whole new design pattern library. There are 2 up right now, and the 3rd pattern ships on Tuesday Jan 23. I have 7 more after that queued up. And a list of 50 more to write. Thanks for checking out my project. Hope you find it useful! 🙌
Rob Bazinet@rbazinet · Founder, Still River Software
@studiofellow congrats on the launch! Is this targeted at designers, developers, both..neither?
Jarrod DrysdaleMaker@studiofellow · Indie designer. I teach design. 🤘
@rbazinet Thanks Rob! Primarily designers under 5 yrs of experience. But, there are developers taking the course who are finding it useful, and I wrote it as a starting point for anyone who wants to learn design.
Antonis Tsagaris@antonis_tsagari · Android Developer, codehouse five
@studiofellow Jarrod, I am currently working through the portfolio builder section of TheorySprints and I got to say that TheorySprints is easily the best course (or even best resource, period) on design I have ever taken. It has given me so much more confidence in my skills, I love it! I'm already looking forward to whatever you're working on next. Also, loved the design patterns pdf from yesterday.
Jarrod DrysdaleMaker@studiofellow · Indie designer. I teach design. 🤘
@antonis_tsagari Thank you! I'm so glad the course is helping you. Excited to see more of your practice projects! I thought the first one was such a cool concept. Did you get a chance to revise it yet? Oh, and I have more lots more design patterns on the way. Watch your inbox every Tuesday morning. (Currently have articles queued up through mid April.)
Antonis Tsagaris@antonis_tsagari · Android Developer, codehouse five
@studiofellow I have done some revisions, I'll be sharing them with the group soon! Thanks! I know what I'll be doing with my Tuesday mornings in March & April ☺️
Justin JacksonHunterPro@mijustin · ⚡️
My friend @studiofellow saw there was a bunch of gaps in design education. So he started his own online school to fill those gaps! My favorite part of what he offers is the design pattern library, where you can learn patterns like "animate on scroll." This would be perfect for startups who want to give their designers a solid reference resource.
Jarrod DrysdaleMaker@studiofellow · Indie designer. I teach design. 🤘
@mijustin Thanks for sharing this with the ProductHunt community! 🤘
Paul Jarvis@pjrvs · Cofounder Fathom + Pico
This is super needed (and well designed too). My question: is this more for new designers or can designers who've been at it a while also get value from the course?
Jarrod DrysdaleMaker@studiofellow · Indie designer. I teach design. 🤘
@pjrvs For designers with more experience (maybe 3+ years) I think it depends on your background. If you're self-taught, it's really tough to get a good foundation in design theory. The course would definitely help fill in knowledge gaps. And even if some people know the general concepts, they don't always make a habit of using them. 😉 So the course has in-depth demonstrations showing how to use design theory in a real project. So it's more than just learning the concepts, but using them too.
Paul Jarvis@pjrvs · Cofounder Fathom + Pico
@studiofellow Thanks Jarrod!
AT ⚡️@attacomsian · Founder, Wired Dots.
This is super cool. I love it 😍 Added to upcoming issue.
Jarrod DrysdaleMaker@studiofellow · Indie designer. I teach design. 🤘
@attacomsian Whoa, thanks! Looks like an awesome newsletter. Just subscribed.
AT ⚡️@attacomsian · Founder, Wired Dots.
@studiofellow Thanks 🙏
Wes Merrill@wes_merrill · Trying to figure out what's next.
Hey Jarrod! I'm in your email list. Just wanted to say thanks for all the content and being in my inbox. You rock!
Jarrod DrysdaleMaker@studiofellow · Indie designer. I teach design. 🤘
@wes_merrill That's so nice of you Wes. Thanks for the support! 👊