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I like the various reports and that these are not insistent, just show you what could be changed. The changes themselves are entirely in the writers grasp.


excellent tool easy to use


less stable on Windows

I use this anytime I need to type sonething...creative writing, business communication, and the casual email. I can be wordy when I don't need to be, love my adverbs, and my English teachers would cry if they saw I am still comma happy. ProWritingAid is fast and easy to use, meaning I can edit in a fast manner.


Highlighted problem areas. The multiple reports. Easy to use, and I don't have to download anything.


It's got a few issues, but if you know where quotation marks and apostrophes go, and you should be fine.

Do you know you have a typo in your comment?

This is not a quick fix, nor a replacement for an editor. However, with consistent use it's like a writing coach. You have to put in the work, but Pro Writing Aid is there to point you in the right direction, so you can focus on your weaknesses. My sentences have become more dynamic, and I'd never go back. I bought a year subscription, then a lifetime sub. Save yourself the money and buy a lifetime subscription. Don't believe me? Use the online trail for a few weeks and see if it doesn't change you. Pro Writing Aid had a major hand in the author I've become.


Platforms: Web Standalone PC Microsoft Word plugin(preferred) Detailed reports and the on-screen AI feedback, show where I need improvement.


Chrome Extension is broken. Avoid