The simplest way to collect and leverage product feedback

Prowess collects product feedback from your team directly in Slack - no need to learn a new tool!
Organize all your feedback in an Airtable-like interface, and use our CRM + customer data integrations for even more powerful prioritization.
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Thanks so much @katmanalac for hunting us! Hi PH! I'm Eric, one of the makers of Prowess. While we were working on our last company, my co-founders and I felt the intense pain of not knowing what our users wanted. During feature planning, we desperately wanted to rely on user conversations and data over our gut instinct - but the lack of documentation around product feedback made this a nightmare. Inspired by companies who are fanatical about collecting every piece of feedback and categorizing them, we had dozens of conversations with the best product teams. We learned that the best product managers collect feedback from across the company - sales, customer support, engineering - and know exactly which customers want a feature, why, and who on the team to notify when done. Of course, all this information can't live in one person's brain. We saw all the spreadsheets, Trello boards, and more spreadsheets that support PMs, and saw that PMs needed to enforce processes for submitting feedback to avoid getting drowned in Slack messages. We also noticed how unstructured the data was, and how difficult it was to simply find out "Which ideas impact revenue the most?" We built Prowess for any product team who cares about collecting the highest quality product data in the most intuitive way possible. Here's how we do it: 1️⃣ Our Slack bot saves PMs time by collecting feedback right where it happens, and suggests existing ideas to avoid duplication. 2️⃣ We believe that getting you the right data is everything, so if a customer is mentioned on feedback, we'll automatically pull in their business data from your CRM. 3️⃣ We know that hundreds of prioritization frameworks exist, so our Airtable-like interface lets you prioritize the way you want. Sort by most-requested, data from your CRM, and more. 4️⃣ We work nicely with your other tools (Hi JIRA 👋) We're currently onboarding users personally to ensure a great experience (we'll even help you import your data!), and Prowess is free during your trial. Pricing starts at $9 / mo, and scales by # of PMs and products. We are constantly improving Prowess, and clearly we love feedback ❤️ Please let us know what you think and what else you'd like to see!
This is such an awesome product, congrats on the launch!
@emerson_hsieh1 Thank you Emerson!!
Have met this team and I'm very impressed by their work and this product! This really resonated: "Your team wants to submit customer feedback through Slack, not Trello or Google Sheets." Want might even be the wrong word, I find it to just naturally happen, and it gets frustrating as a PM trying to gather it all. Can't wait to see what else you guys do in this space! Keep it up peeps 🙌
@petejayhuang Thanks so much for the kind words Pete!
Generally when I get product feedback, I find myself talking about it in slack regardless of where I write it down. Great idea to let that be the entry point to the feedback process. Really excited to give this a try.
@grahamkaemmer Thank you Graham, glad the Slack part resonates :)
Loving the pace this team is working at! Consistent feedback collection and feedback management is a big deal as we're scaling up. I've had the opportunity to play around with this and I'm really impressed. Currently trying to blast through my current task list so I can get to working on fully integrating this into our workflow!
@vic_vu Thanks a ton Vic! We're excited to get you set up and improve your workflow :)