The best bag in the world for students

A complete reinvention of the school bag designed for students, by students, with horizontal openings designed specifically for binders (and to be opened under your arm!), removable pouches for pens and personal items, and a waterproof lining to protect your electronics.

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"The first backpack designed specifically for students" - let's rethink this statement
The first backpack designed specifically for students.... ?????
So proud of Cameron and Jonathan for kicking off their Kickstarter. I've hated every backpack I purchased for school – too many pockets, too few pockets, awkward pockets, and ugly fabrics... Prova is here to solve that. 🎒 Opens from the side so you can access your stuff without taking off the bag 📱 Removable pockets for your pencils, phone, and other personal items 🚰 Waterproof to protect all of your electronics Excited to see these around campuses 🤗
Truely great job !! I have always loved backpack with more storage option which covers minute things compartment into the backpack. Could we get the unit to review it on my tech website?
Excited to get mine!