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10$ for a task app...cmon use trello or reminders or my favorite https://getplan.co
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@cbanowsky Have you used Plan? Care to share more?
@cbanowsky $10 seems like a very reasonable price for software.
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@sweeneydaniel yes I use Plan everyday. I am notorious for burning through task management apps, but Plan is awesome. Integrates with multiple Google Calendars and let's you organize tasks by category / organization. If you haven't tried it you have to give it a whirl
@cbanowsky @sweeneydaniel OMG THANK YOU. Saw your comment & link here and downloaded, went through the on boarding process and LOVE Plan already. I also wouldn't drop $10 for Proud right this moment unfortunately.
@jonzhan that's a lot for a task app. Especially with all the great free options out there. I pay for software but I would never pay for a task app
Just beat me to hunting this ;) @AngeliqueToque was kind enough to give me a sneaky look before the official launch today and I really enjoyed it I'm forever trying to become more organised and keep trying to-do apps, task management etc (to be honest I'd just love a PA haha) and I like the simplicity of Proud. I obviously skipped the 'How-To use Proud' but figured everything out pretty quickly!! Would be awesome to include something like Escape where I can track my productivity a well as tasks/to-do's in one place :)
@bentossell Proud to beat you on this one ;-) Anyway: glad the Mac app is here!
@t55 haha I'll let you off that humour as it's a Friday! Yeah i've been using it and enjoying so far :)
@bentossell @t55 Thank you Ben and Ton! If you have any questions or feature requests, we will be here to respond!
@bentossell @angeliquetoque using a to-do app is like a gym membership. It's not so much about the place (or app) you go to, it's more about the system you use, how you improve it and how you stick to it. You can design the app to increase motivation etc, but at the end of the day I'll have to put the work. That's probably why personal to-do apps are very hard to nail. Proud has some great features! Congrats on the Mac launch :)
@hfauq Thanks Hugo! We wouldn't be able to achieve it without all incredible people that helped us build Proud... :)
This looks great, but as someone who has tried out a lot of productivity apps before, I'm really hesitant to drop $10 to check out the flow and see if it works for me. Is there a trial or something?
@mfc83 Hi Max, you can see a few shots on our release trailer:
@mfc83 Yep. Given how fungible productivity apps are, its a short-sighted money grab to not bake that understanding into the user onboarding process.
@mfc83 I will paste my answer to similar Bruno's question: "Dear Bruno. Thank you for posting your thought on the topic! The decision to price Mac app at $9.99 comes from the market price for apps in this category. I agree there are many "free" apps out there but they: 1) can't offer all the features Proud for Mac has, 2) have subscription plans that makes the cost of the app much higher than $9.99 price. For total $15 ($10+$5) you have a Dropbox sync forever and that's a deal breaker in my opinion. There is no app on the market that offers this particular feature set for such price. Of course the pricing topic is always a difficult thing. I hope our decision won't scare people and I hope they will all be satisfied with the purchase totally. Add to that that updates are free forever and they do not magically appear: I have to sit tons of hours working on them without any additional payment."
@mfc83 Agreed. I might be able to justify the cost if the app at least looked more professional. The icon is pretty horrible; Not even optimized for retina and boring white on black.... The app screenshots do not do much to entice me. The app looks like it's trying to be an iOS app on a Mac.
@piotrszwach Hi Piotr, thanks for your reply. I honestly have no problem with the price, I'd gladly pay $10 for really decent productivity app. I just want to make sure it's the right app for me before purchasing. I used Evernote premium trial and now I'm a happily paying subscriber. I think for a lot of people, a productivity app is such a large part of their life that they need to experience the flow of the app to make the decision to buy it and use it properly. Productivity nerds are very particular :)
Hey! I've just published an article on Medium about 3 main features you won't find in any other todo app :) https://medium.com/@AngeliqueToq...
I want to give this entire system a try, but not for $15.
@hustlinhack Hello Kyle. Out of curiosity what would be your dream price for the package?
@piotrszwach The price is fine now, I would just like a trial period to see if I would fine the software useful before buying fully.
@hustlinhack Dear Kyle, we might introduce the trial version in a few weeks. Thanks for suggesting that!
@piotrszwach @hustlinhack Good to know for the trial. I have way more chances to buy the app after a trial than without trying it. :)
@piotrszwach @hustlinhack I agree that there should be a trial